Candy King. In 1984 Sweden was a dull country for anyone who loved sweets. The range was small, the bags were prepackaged and there was only one variety in each pack. Sweets lover Christer Forsman couldn’t understand why. After all, everyone’s different.

With a dream of choice and joy in sweets, he decided to create his own confectionery kingdom. And as King, he appointed a cheeky little guy who reigned with huge curiosity, seeking out the tastiest treats and letting you mix them up exactly the way you want.

Since then, we’ve done everything to make your life a little sweeter. Or sourer. Or saltier, for that matter. Every Easter, Christmas, birthday or film night should be a smorgasbord of the exact tastes you want. And when someone needs a congratulations, a sorry, a hurrah or a hello, we want to help you say it in the tastiest way possible. Today, you can find us all over the world, and we have more than 500 varieties of sweets to choose from.

The dream of choice and joy in sweets is now a reality. But we’re not stopping there. Our King remains a beacon of curiosity, and as long as there are more delicious treats to find, it’s our duty to carry on looking.

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