Concerned with the development and evolution of their products, Aspire tend to release less frequently than competitors such as Smok and Innokin. However, this is to allow for the obvious growth and progression of each product and to develop the aesthetic details which are often overlooked by other manufacturers in favour of functionality.

Aspire products successfully do both: they are extremely functional and high-performing, whilst also looking incredibly stylish. The Aspire PockeX, for instance, was one of the first mainstream kits to cater to female tastes and offered a prettier alternative to the bulky, macho devices which were dominating the market at the time. The PockeX was available in an attractive rose gold finish and helped to bridge the gap where female customers were being overlooked, without being too overtly feminine in appearance.

It is this kind of customer consideration which has allowed Aspire to become one of the most favoured hardware brands in the UK, and indeed worldwide.

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Aspire AVP Replacement Pod Cartridge
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