BMG E-Liquids

BMG E-Liquid (Previously Known as Wicked E-Liquid or Firebird).

BMG is the brand new Re-Branded name of the Irish Made E-Liquid formally known as Wicked E-Liquid. Wicked was known by a few names previously one of which was Firebird, but now they have streamlined their range and they now have 2 separate e-juice lines. They have Kinship which incorporates all their delicious Fruit, Sweet & Menthol flavours and next to that they have created the BMG e-liquid brand which is the direct replacement line for their Tobacco flavoured e-liquid’s.

So to put it simply :

Kinship = Sweet/Fruit Flavours & Menthol
BMG = Tobacco Flavours

These are still the same great flavours made in the same factory with the same style bottles and the same great taste you know and love just under a brand new name!

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