PJ Bros eLiquid is a premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturer focused on providing each and every enthusiast of the community with a safer, healthier alternative to the poisonous effects of cigarette smoking.

They achieve this by using only high quality ingredients, masterfully mixing them towards perfection through innovative research and development techniques.
To ensure both your safety and satisfaction, each product is rigorously tested before release.

This line is built around the classic dessert blends that each and every sweet tooth loves to puff on, so make sure to fill your tank and enjoy these cloudy goodies!

Green Bay is one of their premium stars, a blend of fresh and sweet lemon cheesecake! YUM!
La Crosse is also a star: cereal milk, fresh strawberries topped over a bowl of Crunchyberries, sure to make your taste buds go “YUM!”.


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