Ferrum City E-Liquids

Although you can find our e-liquids in vape shops around the world, Ferrum City’s Pittsburgh origin is at the heart of every bottle that we manufacture and distribute.

The product of former steelworkers, Ferrum City Liquid is a tribute to every working man and woman whose labor makes this nation what it is.

During our time in the steel industry, one thing we learned is that few things that are worthwhile ever come easily. Each new e-liquid that we release is the result of a painstaking development process that can often take months to complete. Here’s how our process works:

  • We begin with a concept — an idea for a flavour that we’d like to capture in a bottle. We strive for uniqueness in our concepts. If a flavor combination has become cliché because so many e-liquid makers are doing it, we won’t touch it.
  • We test the flavours from each of our flavor suppliers. Our first goal is to select the best flavoring for each of the notes that we want a product to contain. Our second goal is to select the flavoring agents that work best with one another. A vanilla ice cream flavor might taste great on its own, for example, but undesirable flavor notes might appear when we combine it with our favorite strawberry flavor. We test flavors together until we discover the perfect combinations.
  • We fine-tune our mix to identify the perfect ratios for the individual flavorings. Since no Ferrum City e-liquid contains less than 10 flavors, finding the perfect radio is a time-consuming and costly process.
  • We manufacture the final product right here in Pittsburgh. Our cleanroom facility is ISO 6 / Class 1,000 compliant. We use only the purest USP grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavorings — and our nicotine comes from US-grown pesticide-free tobacco plants. You won’t find a juice anywhere that’s purer than Ferrum City Liquid.

As you browse the Ferrum City Liquid website, one thing you’ll notice is that we don’t feel the need to use labels such as “Premium E-Liquid” to describe our products.

We believe that truly premium e-liquid speaks for itself. Have you reached the limit of your patience for simplistic, lazy e-liquid blends that aren’t “premium” in any area except for their prices? It’s time for you to discover the Ferrum City difference.

It may take months of hard work to ship a new e-liquid to our customers, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’ve ever helped to create something great, you know why.

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