Anarchist Juice Liquids

This firm has a wide variety of e-liquids that will cover the different tastes and needs of consumers.

The flavors of Anarchist Juice are sweet and fruity and, therefore, their names refer to different fruits or colors depending on the predominant ingredients.

The Anarchist White liquid is one of the most popular and recognized among e-liquids vapers. Its wonderful flavor of sweet roasted marshmallows and crunchy cinnamon graham crackers does not leave even the slightest sticky texture and will delight everyone who tries it. This flavorful Anarchist juice is so intense that its delicious flavor never diminishes even when outdoors. It is the perfect union of sweetness without being cloying or heavy, which is why its audience is so wide and it is considered its star product.

In addition to the Anarchist White juice, they also offer the Anarchist Red Liquid that has a delicious flavor of sweet strawberry caramel and its sweetness and smoothness can be appreciated in each puff. Another of the most popular liquids is the Watermelon Anarchist, inspired by the tasty sweetness of watermelon, it will leave you with a fresh texture with each inhalation. Its flavor resembles that of watermelon gum but adding freshness.

Finally, it is important to mention one of the Anarchist juice most loved by vapers. Its mixture offers you a pink lemonade flavor that will make you lose yourself in every cloud of vapor. This flavor has truly been a success for this firm. Its citrus explosion of flavor, with the acidity, that this implies, together with the sweetness of the exotic fruit lemonade will allow you to relax and enjoy it to the fullest. We are talking about the juice Pink Anarchist.

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Anarchist Blue 100ml 0mg + 2 Nic Shots Shortfill
Anarchist Blue On Ice 100ml + 2 Nic Shots
Anarchist Pink Lemonade 100ml + 2 Nic Shots
Anarchist Pink On Ice 100ml + 2 Nic Shots
Anarchist Purple 100ml 0mg + 2 Nic Shots Shortfill
Anarchist Tobacco Caramel 100ml + 2 Nic Shots