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New to Vaping INFO

New to Vaping INFO

We’re here to help you

New to ‘vaping’? Then you’ve come to the right place! We recognise that new users of e-cigarettes are attempting to understand more about the products that are available on the market. That is why we’ve put this page together, to allow you to find all the information needed to make the right decision simpler.

The Vape Club is established to provide high-quality e-cigarettes, nicotine fluid (known as e-liquid) and to provide the best possible customer service and support.  Find out more on our ‘about us’ page.

Our new vaper video is the perfect place to start on your journey. Giving you a brief overview of vaping and electronic cigarettes in general, you will discover that making the switch is simple and easy.

Once you have watched our video this page will give you a slightly more in-depth explanation of vaping, e-liquid and if you feel that you are ready, some of the more technical aspects of the world of e-cigarettes.


Let’s start at the very beginning, what is Vaping?

Vaping is a topic that a few years ago if you brought it up in conversation, not many people would have known what you were talking about.

Now, however, it is a subject that can bring people together or cause great debate. But what is vaping? What does it entail? What on earth is cloud chasing?

The world of electronic cigarettes can be an extremely confusing one, with its own language and a community full of acronyms that can seem to make little sense

Seeing all this for the first time can be scary, and with horror stories perpetuated by the media, it’s not surprising some people would rather reach for 20 Lambert. But when you get to the bones of vaping it can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it.

Using a device to vaporize e-liquid and deliver the nicotine and flavour your body is craving, easy right?

That’s essentially what vaping is, but the amazing part is there are so many different ways to achieve this. Meaning you can tailor vaping to your own needs and tastes.

There are five main things anyone starting out needs, a battery, a way to charge your battery, an atomizer, a device to house your e-liquid and the e-liquid itself.

Once you have all these things you can get going, but what actually happens when you are set up.

With most standard devices you will have a battery with a button. When you press this button it delivers power through the battery to the atomizer that is housed within the tank.

As you draw on your tank, e-liquid is pulled into the atomizer and as power is already being delivered to the atomizer this vaporizes the fluid and allows you to inhale the vapour, delivering the nicotine along with a tasty flavour.

See I told you not to panic. Now you realise how simple vaping can be we can delve into the more advanced side, bring on the acronyms.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigs) are made from 3 main components, a battery, atomizer and tank/cartridge. Shown below is a Totally Wicked Tornado V5 e-cig. There are many variants, some that attempt to look like conventional tobacco cigarettes and others that look nothing like conventional cigarettes, but they all work along the same principles with the same primary component parts.

Tornado V5 e-cigarette battery

Rechargeable battery All electronic cigarettes require a battery. These come in many sizes and capacities, can be rechargeable or disposable, manual operation or automatic, but in essence, it is just a battery.

Tornado V5 atomizer baseAtomizer base The atomizer base connects the tank to the battery, this also acts as a seal for the atomizer to the tank.

Tornado V5 atomizerAtomizer This is the functional part of the e-cig. It works as a heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid that passes through it.

Tornado V5 tank

Atomizer tank and mouthpieceTanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are simply just containers for your e-liquid.



When choosing your e-liquid keep in mind that WHAT you vape is as important, if not MORE important than what you are vaping it in. Everyone seems to have their own name for e-liquid; fluid, juice and even fuel. It is simply a solution made of three key components; nicotine, diluent, and flavouring. We know that within our selection of e-liquid there will be something for everyone. Spanning seven ranges, over 100 flavours and a wide range of strengths, whether you are looking for a traditional tobacco flavour or something more exotic there will be an e-liquid for you.

At Totally Wicked we pride ourselves on delivering to our customers only the best. Our Guarantee of E-liquid Excellence will explain in detail about our e-liquids, how we only use the highest grade components and are independently tested to ensure quality.

If at this point you feel you have read enough and want to start your new vaping journey then head over to our ‘Starter Kit’ section of the site to choose your kit and e-liquid and start vaping. If on the other hand, you want to read more about the technical aspect of vaping then keep going.


The Technical Section:

VV/VW – Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

This is the area of vaping most people start to dabble in first. It gives the person vaping the freedom to control the amount of power that the battery is giving out. “But why would you want to do this?” I hear you cry. Well, think of this in terms of food. Do you cook all your food at the same temperature? No, of course, you don’t, because not all food tastes good when it’s eaten at room temperature or cold, or cooked to within an inch of its life.

E-liquid can behave in the same way, not all e-liquid tastes as good as it could at a set temperature, they all have their own ‘sweet spot’. Controlling the power allows you to tweak each e-liquid to find its sweet spot and in turn enhances the whole vaping experience.


VT – Variable Temperature

In non-VT vaping the coil temperature increases relatively slowly as you press the button and draw on the device. On a non-VT electronic cigarette, you will subconsciously adjust the coil temperature as it is influenced by fluid and air flow, that little pause as you press the button before you draw is giving the coil time to heat up, and the rate at which you draw is controlling how much air is pulled over the coil. Essentially on a non-VT e-cig, the middle of the “vape” is the best part of your experience.

In VT vaping you add another level of control by setting the desired temperature. Your atomizer will stay close to this temperature making your whole ‘vape’ the best part.


Now we have run you through the very basics of some of the more advanced aspects of vaping, start reading, and when you think you have read enough, read some more. The world of vaping is huge and ever expanding, you might be surprised what you will find and what you are drawn to.